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Thursday, June 2, 2016

Faucets in trouble?

Recently my favorite faucets have been changing their payment amounts and not just in the normal pegged to a USD value type of way. During the past two weeks, and were giving out the smallest earnings I have ever seen. In the recent past, the smallest payout has been equal to the highest payout divided by 100,000 times 2. Prior to this, the smallest payout was equal to the highest payout divided by 100,000. But during these past two weeks, the smallest payout is the highest payout divided by 142,875. The highest payout is pegged to a USD value, which is $200 for both sites.  has just returned to normal payouts (twice at base level) and  is giving 100,000th of the highest payout.

Another blogger has given some analysis on why his own faucet is struggling.

The article discussed how google adsense is no longer allowing faucets to have ads on them. Perhaps some of these faucets are feeling the pressure. In fact, I speculate this is why is for sale now.

Still, here is a faucet tip:

Bookmark all your faucets with the same interval for redemption into one folder on chrome or firefox. Then right click that folder and open them all at once.  For example, all of my one hour faucets are in a one hour folder. I also have a moon folder for my variable time faucets. You can see my faucet list here.

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