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Sunday, December 21, 2014

Earthen Mysteries

Perhaps this is but a fluke, but It appears the earthcoin wallet I downloaded disappeared from my computer. Fortunately I had not yet used it, so I did not lose anything, but I still find it odd it more or less disappeared without a trace… Perhaps I will learn the cause later. I do recall previously my antivirus software deleted some of my cryptocurrency mining software , but never the wallet.

Got first tip on reddit!

Just the other day I got my very first tip on Reddit. Actually I got two, prior to this experience I had never checked my Reddit inbox, and when I did for the first time, much to my excitement, I learned I had two tips awaiting me. I then looked closer, much to my dismay, to realize that the tips had expired a day ago since I had not accepted them. Fortunately, I soon got another tip, which was much greater than the others.

This is all thanks to dogecoin, which in my experience has been a lot of fun :). Here is there main subreddit:

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Dogecoin Millionaire!

In light of DogeCoins recent birthday, I thought I would share a video about it. This should answer any possible questions you have on the subject!

Ok, ok, maybe it actually doesn't explain anything. Its still pretty amusing though haha. The Dogecoin community is such an interesting one, with so many people really and truly wanting the coin to be a success. You can also look back to here for my first post on Dogecoin. Although, I don't explain it too much there either.

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

North Korea you win today.

Image result for kim jong un
In my cryptocurrency adventures, I am always looking for a way to mine my own. I only own a laptop and thus it is not practical for me to mine on it, despite the fact that I have a fixed utility bill. I recently acquired an another computer that I intended to mine cryptocurrency with. Prior to this, I also just wanted to have fun with it. I found a copy of Red Star ( the North Korean operating system) and attempted to install it. I soon ran into an unforeseeable problem…. mainly the fact that I don’t know any Korean. So that needed that. I guess Kim Jung Un wins this one.

I also failed at mining, which is too bad. It had been nearly a year since I mined bitcoin and these script mining seems to be a bit different.  I really didn’t invest much time into it this time though. The computer had networking issues and had to plugged in without a router to work, among other issues. To make the story short I attempted to mine Doge and Earthcoins. One aspect of mining that I do not enjoy is the fact that most mining software is flagged as malware. I also had to return the computer, and thus this adventure has come to an end.

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Hitler and the end of the Bitcoin

As many of you know bitcoin uses cryptography to protect and exchange itself. Cryptography is an age old practice where ciphers would be used to conceal the meaning of text. Bitcoins in a similar but much more sophisticated way, use public and private keys to encrypt and decrypt transactions. I thought I would share a particularly interesting video about cryptography that combines math, everyones favorites subject, with something people like even more…. Nazis!
I uncovered another interesting youtube video yesterday that showed that very well may be the demise of bitcoins. Well, also the demise of all financial institutions as we known them. And that is quantum computing. Currently, to decrypt a bitcoin wallet is simply impossible. The number of combinations to a private address is so many to solve one with current technology would take more than a lifetime. With quantum computing that may not be the case.

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Not all that glitters is crypto

What is better than digital currency? Precious metals with images of digital currency engraven on them( Bitcoin to be exact)! That’s right, I just ordered my first bullion coin.

Now, comparing the market prices of metals I soon realized that the price of copper is about 20 cents an ounce, so I overpaid by a dollar or so :/.  There is a whole section of ebay for these coins, they seem to be quite a bit of fun. They also make them in silver, and from this chart it seems now is probably the time to buy

On another note my Multibit Doge wallet is less than functional. Which is to say, it isn’t working D:. So I now have the full version of the wallet on my portable hard drive, which does in fact seem to work. Sadly, all of my coins were not returned to me with my repaired tablet, thus I am more or less Dogeless :(. Well, you win some you lose some…

Much Sorrow. Very Regret.

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Gold, Silver, Copper and… Zinc?

It is known, Bitcoins are the Gold of cryptocurrencies, the most prized of them all, with Litecoins being perhaps second as Silver. It has been added that Dogecoins are the copper of the cryptocurrency world. Today, I want to add another metal and digital coin to that list, the Earthcoin. Zinc is perhaps one of the cheapest metals used in coin making, it currently is worth about a dollar a pound ( with copper trading at 3 times as much). Likewise Dogecoin is worth about 0.0002167 cents and eathcoin is worth  0.000007 wich is nearly 31 times smaller. Perhaps the ratio is a little off then. Earthcoin, or Doge for that matter, may not be truly unique in regards to their value in proportion to bitcoin, it is other aspects I think that give unique meaning to both of these coins.

Now, before I use any cryptocurrency, I always check for a faucet ( or water bowl :P [nickname for a Dogecoin faucet]) and Earthcoin was no exception.  Here is the best facuet by far:
I already got a 25 coin payout from one catcha, which is over 100 times better than some of the other sites I have looked at. Well Enjoy! Save the earth or something! I'm not entirely sure what this coin is all about yet!

Friday, October 10, 2014

Disaster Strikes... again

We as humans have a great ability to learn from our past experiences and to use that knowledge to help us in the future. Although, this ability to learn is not unique to humans, for instance Pavlov's dog was about to learn from the past to help predict the future. My post today is about how I perhaps ought to pay closer attention to my past. This post also involves a dog, or a Doge as I perhaps should say. If you have read my blog before, you likely will infer at this point that I have lost my wallet again. And you would be correct in the inference. Yes, for the second time, I have lost a cryptocurrency wallet. This time it was my dogecoin wallet.

As many wallets do, my dogecoin wallet often remind me it should be backed up. I disregarded this, thinking I will just do it later. Well, later came and passed and I missed it and then my Nexus 7 died and the world came to an end. Oh dear. Well, perhaps not literally. But the once vibrant and exuberant world of Doge and his friends may have become but a thing of the past. I naturally do have another wallet on my pc, but, sadly, it has not worked yet either! I have a multibit wallet and it simply will not update to the network! I am not certain if any of my coins on that wallet are truly accessible either.

There is but a glimmer of hope remaining. I hope my Nexus 7 will not be factory reset after it is returned to me. This hope may be in vain, as such resets and the norm in regards to nearly any warranty repair. While it may very well be in vain, hope still remains.