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Saturday, December 9, 2017

Sponsored post on Paxful

I have a sponsored post today from Itumeleng Senekane, her bio is at the bottom, enjoy!

Investing in bitcoins is currently a very good idea. Bitcoins can be sent to any location on earth from anywhere in the world. Bitcoin payments cannot be blocked by banks and they make cross border payments easy, this has become the best way you can overcome failed Government monetary policies. If you are in a nation like Zimbabwe for example, investing in bitcoins and using it as a currency is probably the best thing you can do. 

Bitcoins are open to everyone and anyone can invest however do your own homework learn all you need to know about cryptocurrencies and invest. Bitcoin is currently the most profitable cryptocurrency to invest in and this is because it is the first decentralized digital currency. Some advice before you start though:

1. Never invest more that you can afford to loose. Bitcoins are a risky investment, high returns always come with high risk.

2. Move bitcoins to your personal wallet after buying them. You can buy bitcoins from Paxful. Paxful allows you to buy bitcoins with over 300 different payment options. Its easy and safe and allows you to start with smaller amounts. This platform is a peer to peer marketplace that connects buyers to sellers. After you have bought your bitcoins you can move them to a wallet like CoinBase or any other wallet of your choice. Chill relax an watch your investment grow!!

NOTE: Ensure you buy bitcoins from exchanges with a proven record like the ones suggested above. Average the price over the whole year by buying bitcoins by a fixed amount regularly.

Itumeleng Senekane is a mosotho woman that currently lives in South Africa. She is a freelancer/business woman/bitcoin entrepreneur. She has never allowed her location and background to determine how far she gets in live. She is always pushing boundaries and currently making a fortune out of bitcoins.

Monday, November 20, 2017

Tethers Mircopost

I don't have time for a big post right now, but I saw a great post on twitter. There is a lot of  talk about what is driving the price of bitcoin so high. I don't have an answer for you, but some people do. Some people are saying its people buying bitcoin with USDT. USDT for reference is a cryptocurrency that is tethered to the the US dollar. So one USDT is one dollar. You can read up on this later. Some people think that using this tethered currency is artificially inflating the price of bitcoin. So  this post may be the perfect response.

Sunday, November 12, 2017

Saturday, November 4, 2017

New Wallet

Well apparently multibit has ended support for their wallet and I had no idea.  So now I need to get my coins over to a new wallet. I’ll be using Electrum for this. It's good so far. I wish it had the total value of your bitcoin displayed in USD, but that's ok.  

It seems I’m a little behind the times on quite a few things. Here are some things that I meant to report on, but time got the better of me.

I got a scam email considering bitcoin

The email refers to me as bob the miner, so it must have been one of the mining pools I used in the past that was hacked or something.

I submitted my claim on a class action suit against Cryptsy, you know, that exchange I lost my btc on. Looking at the balance I lost is now worth 21 bucks (I’m pretty sures it's like 60 now)! It was just 4 bucks when I sent it. Wow. Let's see if anything comes of it.

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Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Bitcoin Car Talk 12: John McAfee

This video's quality is a little bit questionable. Maybe alot actually. Also, there is profanity, so you are warned. John enters the video a little after 1:20.

Sunday, October 15, 2017

More Forks

It seems bitcoin might have more forks up coming in the future, likely due to the success of the last hard fork, BCH. Despite my concerns that forks might cause confusion in the market and lower the price of bitcoin, it seems the opposite is true. Last time and this time, the price of bitcoin has raised prior to a fork. This new environment has made everyone have to take a stance on forks, like here is the policy for hard forks at my favorite faucet (why not sign up right now)


Bitcoin has 2 hard forks planned in the near future - "Bitcoin Gold" and "Bitcoin Segwit 2x". As we have done with the "Bitcoin Cash" hard fork in the past, we shall support withdrawals of all hard fork coins as long as they are viable - ie. have wallet support, a working blockchain and straightforward redemption policies. The "Bitcoin Gold" hard fork currently does not seem to be a viable fork - since they have not given any information about the fork on their website ( and have no supported wallets yet. If there are no wallets that support it, we shall not be able to make "Bitcoin Gold" available for withdrawals. If however, there is wallet support for "Bitcoin Gold" before the hard fork date and the block number for the fork is announced in advance, we shall make it available for withdrawal.
We shall be supporting the "Bitcoin Segwit 2x" fork since it already has a working wallet and has announced the block number when the hard fork will happen. If a majority of miners switch to "Bitcoin Segwit 2x" and it has the chain with the most Proof-of-Work, we shall make it our primary coin and "Bitcoin Core" coins will be made available for withdrawal to your own wallets, otherwise "Bitcoin Core" shall remain our primary coin and "Bitcoin Segwit 2x" coins will be made available for withdrawal to your own wallets. In either case, users will receive coins in both the majority and minority chain equivalent to the balance that they had on the website prior to the hard fork.
We shall be pausing deposits and withdrawals temporarily before the "Bitcoin Segwit 2x" hard fork until a clear winner has emerged. Everything else on the website will function as usual. The fork is scheduled to happen at around the middle of November. We shall give advance notice of when deposits and withdrawals will be paused before the fork date.

It seems like a very accepting policy. Prior to the last bitcoin fork, many companies stated they would not honor the new fork. However, it seems most of the ones I dealt with did in fact give out BCH, although many did not have a continued use for it.

It has just come to my attention that ETH may have a fork tomorrow! Here is an article on it.

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Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Chance to win a hardware wallet

Here is an interesting offer with a chance to win a hardware wallet. Check it out.

Mike has a very good point that leaving crypto on an exchange is a bad idea. I don’t think buying a hardware wallet is 100% necessary, you can easily mitigate this using a desktop wallet.

In other news, I recently got a spam message on Reddit. Here is a post about it. I’m not sure what the spammer gets of this except perhaps some email addresses.