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Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Polo to be Acquired

I’m pretty late to the party, but it looks like Poloniex is to be acquired by Circle. This is a little interesting because Circle has some pretty mainstream investors like Goldman Sachs. Here are two articles on it.

I also changed ad networks in the somewhat recent past. So far, it's my favorite so far. And the best part is they pay in bitcoin! They credit you increments of 5 satoshi which is super nice, as other sites often pay in increments of 1 cent and round down which, at less than a $1 per cpm and a fill rate at less than 100%, means you can get decent daily views but still not get credited anything. So A-AD is a better network if you are still small time in your daily view count. Check it out here.

Also I haven’t all that much reporting on ICOs, or the specifics of some of them. For more details on the technical aspects of ICOs check this article out at 99bitcoin.

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Sunday, April 15, 2018

More Hash

I recently ran into some mining services online. While looking at them, I noticed something. Look at these two sites for example:

See how similar they look?

They almost look cookie cutter to each other. Like similar templates with just slightly different images. Also note how they work exactly the same. You get a bunch of free hash rate, but you can’t withdraw it. Additionally, you can recruit referrals, but you don’t get credit for free referrals, only paid. The key terms are all exactly the same.

My guess is eventually these will dry up. They can’t mine like this indefinitely.

Look at these returns. They are simply too high, and that amount of money can’t buy that much hash power.

Look at this miner for 2.5k. It has 13 TH/s or 13,000 GH/s. At about 10k a btc .5 btc is about 5k, or two antminer S9’s. Or 26,000 GH/s, which is significantly less than 350,000 GH/s. It is nowhere close really. This cannot be a real mining operation. These pop up mining operations are another classic example of a ponzi scheme. They have to recruit new users to pay off the old. And went it is no longer profitable, they will shut down the site, just like hashocean, hashprofit, and countless others.

In short, be careful what you are getting into! If it seems too good to be true, it probably is!

Sunday, April 8, 2018

Some updates

So, my editor has been on the fritz lately, so there is an upcoming wave of content coming out soon...stay posted. The blog also is currently at 48,000 pageviews, and it looks like it will hit 50,000 in the near future!

In other news, the blog has been getting a lot of attention/comments from Anonymous readers. The comments are often pretty vague and I’m not sure what to make of them. If you have any insights, comment below! I’m really wondering why I’m getting all this attention.


I also ran into an interesting piece about CPU mining on a raspberry pi. This process is similar in a lot of ways to the single board mining post I did earlier.

For a very small update, it looks like someone was threatening to create a NyanCash, like the Bitcoin Cash equivalent for Nyancoin. I’m not sure how serious they are, as it would be a lot of work and possibly not that much reward. Here is the post threatening it. One thing I enjoy about this whole situation is that the moderation team at /r/Nyancoins let the post remain. In /r/bitcoin and /r/btc it seems like there is some big censorship problems. I like to let issues be debated openly and I think censorship doesn’t let truth be explored. But now it sounds like I’m writing for my politics blog, doesn’t it?

Anyways, as always

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Tuesday, March 27, 2018

HARD DRIVE Mining? This is getting ridiculous...

Another interesting mining video from Linus! Check it out here. Also there are two in new posts in the works, so stay tuned!

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Single board mining

I’ve been working on a new project, mining cryptocurrency on a Raspberry Pi Zero. You might think this is crazy, and it is a little. I’m mining something called Magi coin. Honestly, I don’t know much about it. I may have to look into it more later.

With my Pi running, it looks like I’m getting .5k hash a second, which is super small, but still something, especially considering my Raspberry Pi uses very little power.

Here is what the mining looks like via my ssh connection.

I’m not sure if this is making or losing money at this point. The rewards are super small and my electricity is $.20 a kilowatt hour. The Raspberry Pi also runs the Nyancoin Price bot, which you can find here. So 5v * 1 amp is 5 watts or .005 kwatts, which times .2 is $.001 an hour to run at most.

However, I have been running into a few issues. One, the mining seems to cease whenever my ssh terminal is closed. Two, in total I have run the miner for 20 hours or so. In that time, I have mined 0.00314006 Magi. At a price of approximately $.5 a magi coin, this is not very much. And I know I have spent more than 3 hours mining. So it seems this experiment was not profitable for me at this time.

Here is the video that inspired this adventure.

Monday, March 12, 2018


Here is an interesting video on the coins with scam like characteristics.  I haven't personally researched these except for some work on bitconnect. Speaking of which, the section of bitconnect here is spot on, check it out.

Friday, March 9, 2018

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