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With all the chaos on  Reddit, new similar sites are emerging. Try this one out, you even get paid to do it!

Here is my favorite two faucets by far:

These are great for infrequent use:

This is a new mining service I am checking out. Maybe try it out too :

Here is my DropBox referral link. Its a great storage site, similar to GoogleDrive.

Make Cryptos by doing nothing! Sigh up here and get free daily money, ( not very much). Free Bitcoins every 24 hours

This site give you stuff ( BTC, gift cards etc) for watching videos or surveys and other tasks. I haven’t earned enough to get anything though.

View ads, get bitcoins. I haven’t confirmed a payout here yet, will update though:

Here is a new wallet to try out, and I get some coins out of it too:

a silly but great faucet, Can use infrequently and get good pay!

Here is another pay per ad view site. This has a lower payout at 55 μbtc, so it is less money, but in my experience takes the same, if not more time. This website also has a referral option, which give you 30% of the money your referrals make. Which might increase your earnings potential a bit. You can help me try it here if you are so inclined:

In theory you can also make money from these sites, good luck: Would you like to work as essentially a virtual slave? Well here is how!
ebesucher is a content sharing site, but they will also pay you to view websites. Its super easy, check it out!

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