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Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Happy Belated Birthday Liberland

Liberland recently had its one year anniversary. My Editor decided to go on strike, so I am just releasing the post on it now.

Liberland is located on an unclaimed area in between Serbia and Croatia. As you may know, Serbia and Croatia disagree on the border between their two countries. Border disputes are quite common when a river is used as a boundary. Rivers have a tendency to move over time, often resulting in one country preferring the new boundary with the other claiming the old boundary (This is particularly common as winding rivers become more straight, resulting in oxbow lakes and areas of land that were once on the opposite side of the river). The border between Serbia and Croatia is no different with the windy Danube river dividing them.

Liberland has plans to release its own cryptocurrency, which will be called the merit. The merits will be awarded to those who perform services for the country, hence the name. The nation seems quite aligned with libertarian values. Its citizenship is quite expensive; it will cost 10,000 merits, which is to be initially pegged to the USD 1:1. Liberland seems reminiscent of REPUBLIC VENETA  which I wrote about in a past post.

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