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Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Price increase increases adoption?

Litecoin has been in the spotlight recently because of its rapid price changes, trading at almost 9 dollars coin july 8th and 9th. This has been a high since the 80 dollar days bitcoin was in the thousands.

I think this increase in price has increased interest in cryptocurrencies. I speculate as “interesting” movements happen in the price of cryptocurrecny, more people become interested in them.  This means more vendors will accept the coin and more people may use it.For example, some Adult content sites are even adopting litecoin in addition to bitcoin. You can even buy handcrafted goods for litcoin! Like here on esty!

Last Year this week:
Last Year this week I posted by defeat to Kelso in making this blog. The post is available here. For more details of the story you can start with my first blog post. At this time my blog wasn't even about bitcoins and cryptocurrency yet. On my second post I started to talk about bitcoin, and from there, the rest is history. The contest was measured in terms of page views, who ever had the most page-views at the end won. I think at the time I had something like 1,000 page views, and Keslo had 2,000. Its interesting now that I have closer to 5,000 whereas last I checked he had more like 3,000. 

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Bitcoin, a mystery of the internet

While my auto-play was on YouTube I ran into this video. Some the information about bitcoin isn't 100% correct ( like bitcoin isn't completely anonymous) but it is still an interesting video. Some of the claims of the purpose of bitcoin seem a bit outlandish to me. It asserts removing power from government is the purpose of bitcoin. However, if this is the purpose of bitcoin, bitcoin has largely failed in this purpose. The assertions regarding standard of living increasing upon the mass adoption of bitcoin seem unfounded and without merit.

Despite some of the flaws,  it is still interesting to see bitcoin grow in popularity,

Thursday, July 9, 2015

Speculation on why the Get fairshare tipbot keeps getting shut down

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For those of you not familiar with get fair share, it is a community dedicated to this idea of universal basic Income. In my own words basically, it is the idea that everyone is entitled to a basic standard of income regardless of employment status. They cite one issue with welfare is work is disincentive as working might cause one to lose their welfare status. Universal basic income solves this problem by providing money for impoverished people (  and rich people), but also it allows them to work and make more money, allowing the incentive to work to exist.

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In an article i recently wrote for coinbuzz I spoke about how ISIS has been given instruction on how to use bitcoin recently, I also spoke about how giving bitcoin to ISIS is illegal. This is seen in the case of Bryce Weiner, and US Law. I have more details in my past article.

It recently dawned on me that changetip stopped Bryce Weiner's tip from going through for personal liability reasons.  If this is the case, perhaps reddit is doing the same thing. Perhaps if the fairshare bot gave money to a terrorist organization, Reddit itself could be fined. Again, this is speculation, but I think it has merit.