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Thursday, July 20, 2017

Bitcoin and the Fed, Plus Possible Fork?

On the 12th, while Janet Yellen was testifying to congress, a bitcoin enthusiast held up a sign saying “buy bitcoin.”

In another post, we can see he included a bitcoin address. I don’t know why he did this. It seems like a cheap trick to make a little money. Regardless, someone has taken this to the next level and created a downright scam. Here on Reddit, someone photoshopped the bitcoin address, and replaced it with what we can only assume is their own bitcoin address.

Also, there are some interesting things happening with a possible fork, here is one of the bitcoin blogs I follow for more. Read my past article on this topic here. The gist is that a fork may happen on August 1st, but probably not. Either way, I would make sure you have your bitcoin in your wallet in time for the fork. If the fork goes through, to my understanding, you will basically have those coins in two blockchains. Now, this doesn’t mean the value of your BTC and alternative chain BTC will double, but it would be like having two different cryptocurrencies.

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