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Sunday, November 9, 2014

Gold, Silver, Copper and… Zinc?

It is known, Bitcoins are the Gold of cryptocurrencies, the most prized of them all, with Litecoins being perhaps second as Silver. It has been added that Dogecoins are the copper of the cryptocurrency world. Today, I want to add another metal and digital coin to that list, the Earthcoin. Zinc is perhaps one of the cheapest metals used in coin making, it currently is worth about a dollar a pound ( with copper trading at 3 times as much). Likewise Dogecoin is worth about 0.0002167 cents and eathcoin is worth  0.000007 wich is nearly 31 times smaller. Perhaps the ratio is a little off then. Earthcoin, or Doge for that matter, may not be truly unique in regards to their value in proportion to bitcoin, it is other aspects I think that give unique meaning to both of these coins.

Now, before I use any cryptocurrency, I always check for a faucet ( or water bowl :P [nickname for a Dogecoin faucet]) and Earthcoin was no exception.  Here is the best facuet by far:
I already got a 25 coin payout from one catcha, which is over 100 times better than some of the other sites I have looked at. Well Enjoy! Save the earth or something! I'm not entirely sure what this coin is all about yet!


  1. Earthcoin or EAC, has been around for about a year now. it had a strong start but has been abandoned by the original dev team. There is still some activity, most recently the development of a new wallet It has been interesting to track this coin since launch and its fall to 1 sat. Saying that, there has been someone or some group putting in large buy orders at 2 and now 1 sat. not sure if there is someone or group who will plan to do something with these coins in the future, with some luck the person or group who bought these up will be able to develop this coin owning a v large percentage of the supply, Earthcoin should be "halving" soon as well. I'll continue to keep an eye on it. @ 1-2 sat it could be a good wild card in your crypto portfolio. just my thoughts, nice page, earthcoin was an interesting choice for the blog.

    1. Well thank you for the information! Lurking in Earthcoin's subreddit I did notice Earthcoin was perhaps set up to be more than it is now. I am a fan of its transaction speed, its fairly impressive :). Hopefully good things will come to it still. I generally try to pick Crypto's that I have some experience with, although with Ron Paul coins it was just failed experience. Thanks for the comment though!

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