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Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Not all that glitters is crypto

What is better than digital currency? Precious metals with images of digital currency engraven on them( Bitcoin to be exact)! That’s right, I just ordered my first bullion coin.

Now, comparing the market prices of metals I soon realized that the price of copper is about 20 cents an ounce, so I overpaid by a dollar or so :/.  There is a whole section of ebay for these coins, they seem to be quite a bit of fun. They also make them in silver, and from this chart it seems now is probably the time to buy

On another note my Multibit Doge wallet is less than functional. Which is to say, it isn’t working D:. So I now have the full version of the wallet on my portable hard drive, which does in fact seem to work. Sadly, all of my coins were not returned to me with my repaired tablet, thus I am more or less Dogeless :(. Well, you win some you lose some…

Much Sorrow. Very Regret.

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