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Friday, October 10, 2014

Disaster Strikes... again

We as humans have a great ability to learn from our past experiences and to use that knowledge to help us in the future. Although, this ability to learn is not unique to humans, for instance Pavlov's dog was about to learn from the past to help predict the future. My post today is about how I perhaps ought to pay closer attention to my past. This post also involves a dog, or a Doge as I perhaps should say. If you have read my blog before, you likely will infer at this point that I have lost my wallet again. And you would be correct in the inference. Yes, for the second time, I have lost a cryptocurrency wallet. This time it was my dogecoin wallet.

As many wallets do, my dogecoin wallet often remind me it should be backed up. I disregarded this, thinking I will just do it later. Well, later came and passed and I missed it and then my Nexus 7 died and the world came to an end. Oh dear. Well, perhaps not literally. But the once vibrant and exuberant world of Doge and his friends may have become but a thing of the past. I naturally do have another wallet on my pc, but, sadly, it has not worked yet either! I have a multibit wallet and it simply will not update to the network! I am not certain if any of my coins on that wallet are truly accessible either.

There is but a glimmer of hope remaining. I hope my Nexus 7 will not be factory reset after it is returned to me. This hope may be in vain, as such resets and the norm in regards to nearly any warranty repair. While it may very well be in vain, hope still remains.  

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