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Saturday, March 11, 2017

State of Doge and Earth

I recently read on article on the state of Dogecoin.

While I agree with the comments regarding Dogecoin’s community. I question some of the premise of this article: Does a cryptocurrency need a dev team? In my opinion, no. An active dev team is not required for a coin. It seems some people feel it is. For that reason,
So I actually asked the writer on this article to respond on this issue.  As of yet. He has not responded.

On a slightly related note,  I got a comment on the earthcoin thread, asking about the dev team. I told the redditor, I’ve never seen or heard from them, and that not much has changed in the last 2 years since I’ve reported on Earthcoin.


  1. It depends. It really depends. As someone who does work around this stuff from time to time, I always feel better about it when I'm working with an altcoin that has a dev team. The reason being that you're not going to have catastrophic failures and serious long term problems with the coin, if there's a group of people actively working on improving it.

    There are plenty of altcoins that don't have dev teams. And they come and go the minute there's an issue. How many times have we seen something like that over the last five years or so? Quite a bit, actually.

    Not saying Doge is perfect. Their community drives me absolutely insane sometimes, but they're likeable. And they've got the fundamentals down.

    1. Thanks for the comment! Perhaps in someways its a bit like having a pilot on a plane. Most planes can essentially fly themselves, but when a problem comes up, its nice to have a actual person/team to address it.