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Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Price changes and the alternative economy

I am currently in the process of hiring some guest writers. Thus far, I haven’t been successful in my attempts (In just a few hours since I wrote my first draft of this article, it seems my luck is changing, more on that in a later post!). Specifically, I wanted to address Segwit vs BU. A topic that is technical in nature, I was hoping someone else could write about it for me.  Looks like I will have to do a summary myself. Actually, Let’s leave it to better explainers than me:

This is a critical issue to bitcoin. Just the debate seems to have serious impacts to bitcoins price.  Looking at recent price trends, we can see more volatility than normal.

If this continues, some speculate that ETH will replace bitcoin.

This of course means I will have to report more on ETH, which means I would have to rename the blog and everything.

In addition, I recently found a new website that people interested in alternatives to dealing with USD might find interesting. Its called Simbi, you can trade services for other services. Now, of course, simply trading services for other services has the problem of a dual coincidence of wants, meaning, you have to want what the other party is offering and they have to want what you are offering.  To overcome this, they offer a currency called simbi. Check them out here

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