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Sunday, July 24, 2016

"sendo litoshi to bitcoin account"

Using some of my blog analytics I noticed someone found my blog using the phrase “sendo litoshi to bitcoin account”. I was quite baffled by this. What does sendo even mean ( By the way, litoshi is like a satoshi, but for bitcoin, in other words, its 0.00000001 of a litecoin)? So I decided to google it and attempt to find my blog. I didn’t find it, instead I found another blog on blogspot. So I clicked on that, perhaps creating or perpetuating some kind of cycle.

The blog is kind of similar to my own, except it's in Portuguese and it reads like one massive post.

Anyways, for a quick plug, I have updated my faucets page and support me page! Check them out, they have some nice ways to help me make money and ways for you to make some money as well.

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  1. Impressive!Thanks for the post