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Monday, July 4, 2016

Not that kind of hash

A few weeks ago I saw an ad on for another ponzi scheme/ bitcoin multiplier, this one was called cryptotriplex. I wondered to myself, does anyone fall for these still? So I clicked it.

And that is what I saw. It looks like they ran off with everyone money.

This isn't uncommon. It also happened recently with a website called hash ocean. Immediately after reading the name, I thought of hash profit and thought it must be a similar scam. I was interested enough to study it for a bit. I attempted to go to the site but the website didn't load; it was offline. It looks like essentially the same scam happened again, just with a slightly different name. I thought it was interesting that the site did advertise an actual physical location in San Francisco. However now that I think about it, San Francisco isn't an ideal place for a bitcoin mine.  Everything is way to expensive particularly space. It is funny, I visited the city just a day before reading about this, maybe I could have gone to the abandoned location if I knew.  Anyways, I would say don't trust any cloud miners without a lot of due diligence, and may not even then. But I would especially avoid anything with hash in the name. Based on the smells in San Fran, there is a lot of it there. And it almost goes without saying, stay away from money multipliers.


  1. These are not the exchangers you're looking for...(Jedi mind trick) At least not the ones you should give your money to (Parable of the talents). #Matthew #moneymultipliers
    What if there was investment banks for bit coin? 8% return annually 12% on market is more like 8% if over 40 yrs...

    1. Thanks for the comment! So there is something that does some of the roles of a commercial and investment bank. Its called btcpop Its all peer-to-peer though, so its not like a true bank. They do offer IPOs, kind of like how a major investment bank does. Its worth checking out, they offer a 5% savings deposit. I also talk about it here:

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