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Saturday, March 14, 2015


After blogging about bitcoins for over a year, I have now done... the unthinkable.
I have, for the very first time, sent bitcoins... all of them....
That's right, I have basically emptied both my wallets.
Don't worry, its not forever! I just am using an exchange for the first time. Cryptsy in fact. Here is a referral link, although I am not sure  what it does...

I was actually a bit surprised at the transaction fees I paid to transfer my bitcoins. It was something like 40 cents in total, and I only transferred 4 dollars. I talk about low transaction fees all the time as a perk of bitcoin,so I must have done something wrong... ( as I mentioned before, the formula for transaction fee is a bit complex)

In other news a bill regarding bitcoin passed in Utah.  One of the most interesting idea of the article reads, "[The bill]... will allow the residents to pay their taxes in Bitcoin." Paying your state taxes in bitcoin is now a thing! At least in Utah that is.

Well the adventure will continue tomorrow as I explore my first exchange!

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