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Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Nyan explosion

I have found an amazing cryptocurrency. As I mentioned before in prior posts I enjoy having dogecoin, but is there a coin out there for cat lovers? Well the answer is yes! Nyancoin!

(Here is Nyan Cat just for reference)

Everyone loves Nyan cat! Although, perhaps it is not quite as quotable as doge ( when I try to quote Nyan cat it normally ends in just an incomprehensible series of meows, which attempt to follow the pattern of the video), nyancoin seems as fun-loving as dogecoin. The reddit for it is here, and has been stirring lately in activity. Much thanks to one user in particular, coinaday.

The technical specs for the coin are as follows (source):


Algorithm: Scrypt
337 000 000 Coins
337 coins per block
1% premine for bounties, giveaways & dev support (not 10%!)
1 Minute Blocks
Subsidy halves in 500k blocks
Difficulty Retarget Time: 3 hours
RPC port 33700
P2P port 33701

Note, it does have a small premine, which I feel isn't a huge deal it is the price of active developers. That is to say, nyancoin does have an active development team! This is something not all coins can claim.

Edit: Coinaday offered some clarification on the premine, "the 1% premine was spent in faucets long ago from what I heard from a random comment in this sub. I know nothing about it. I've spent almost 1% myself by now in giveaways. The premine doesn't pay for current development."


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