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Tuesday, December 2, 2014

North Korea you win today.

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In my cryptocurrency adventures, I am always looking for a way to mine my own. I only own a laptop and thus it is not practical for me to mine on it, despite the fact that I have a fixed utility bill. I recently acquired an another computer that I intended to mine cryptocurrency with. Prior to this, I also just wanted to have fun with it. I found a copy of Red Star ( the North Korean operating system) and attempted to install it. I soon ran into an unforeseeable problem…. mainly the fact that I don’t know any Korean. So that needed that. I guess Kim Jung Un wins this one.

I also failed at mining, which is too bad. It had been nearly a year since I mined bitcoin and these script mining seems to be a bit different.  I really didn’t invest much time into it this time though. The computer had networking issues and had to plugged in without a router to work, among other issues. To make the story short I attempted to mine Doge and Earthcoins. One aspect of mining that I do not enjoy is the fact that most mining software is flagged as malware. I also had to return the computer, and thus this adventure has come to an end.

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  1. awe poor ricky! well atleast you still have your other computer right?