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Sunday, December 21, 2014

Earthen Mysteries

Perhaps this is but a fluke, but It appears the earthcoin wallet I downloaded disappeared from my computer. Fortunately I had not yet used it, so I did not lose anything, but I still find it odd it more or less disappeared without a trace… Perhaps I will learn the cause later. I do recall previously my antivirus software deleted some of my cryptocurrency mining software , but never the wallet.

Got first tip on reddit!

Just the other day I got my very first tip on Reddit. Actually I got two, prior to this experience I had never checked my Reddit inbox, and when I did for the first time, much to my excitement, I learned I had two tips awaiting me. I then looked closer, much to my dismay, to realize that the tips had expired a day ago since I had not accepted them. Fortunately, I soon got another tip, which was much greater than the others.

This is all thanks to dogecoin, which in my experience has been a lot of fun :). Here is there main subreddit:

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