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Friday, February 7, 2014

The Bitcoin disaster!

Its common knowledge, you should back up your files. But, like many of the things we know we should do, but don’t ( flossing? lol pass) we often put it off. Well, Bitcoin wallets also should be backed up, and some wallets come with a digital backup included. Mine did not come with such a back up, and when I mentioned this to Jake he told me I should get a different wallet. I chuckled, I don't think anything will happen to me, not my wallet. Oh boy, was I wrong!

So a few months ago I downloaded the windows 8.1 preview. I hate windows eight, with a burning passion. The windows 8.1 update was supposed to make windows 8 less like windows 8, and it kind of worked. But the preview expired and once it did my computer needed a huge overhaul. This destroyed all the applications on my computer including… yep, you guessed it

my bitcoin wallet.

AAAAAAAAAAAAAH I thought. In a frenzied state of panic, I turned to the microsoft forums in seek of counsel, (lol what a joke) which didn’t help. What I did end up doing was using Recuva, a software recovery program, to get my wallet back. As I dove into the depths of my computer, I hoped that windows hadn’t yet overwritten the data I required. For 60 long minutes, the program searched away, only to return with partially good news. I had to wallets, one with no money, and the other with all  the money. One was partially corrupted, and the other unscathed. I quickly restored the untouched wallet then put it in my new bitcoin wallet program. It then connected to the bitcoin network. More waiting… It then read my balance: 0 BTC. Crap! I thought. So I attempted to load the other corrupted wallet to no avail. Sweat built on my face as I realized my bitcoins may be lost in the void of cyberspace. Forever lost because I neglected to save my private keys somewhere safe. My hatred burned for Microsoft and the accused Windows 8! But then, a glimmer of hope… there was another file in my bitcoin wallet’s folder that I didn’t recognize. How strange I thought. I then attempted to run it with my wallet….


It Worked! I got my coins back all .0002077 of them ( or about 17 cents). And then we all lived happily ever after.

Note: there may have been some dramatization in the production of this blog.

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