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Monday, February 3, 2014


Today has been good. I woke up this morning and eat some cereal left behind from my roommate. It was a little stale, but who cares, it was free.

I went to the library later today and they were giving away t-shirt and little screwdrivers. All you had to do was go tour the library a bit and get 3 punches at each of the stations so I did. And I got a cool little screw driver.

Then I walked across the street to Panda express. I brought in my tablet with a email they sent me from free firecracker chicken. I don’t like Panda express much, but hey, free. Although, If I was Gordon Ramsey I might say, these bell peppers are completely raw!


Now I went to work that night expecting free food and I was sorely disappointed. Apparently Chinese new year is only to be celebrated at lunch time. In my despair I turned to another source of free things… the internet. I discovered the world of mailed free samples! Yes, that's right, free promotions sent right to your door! So naturally I signed up for like 12. I will hopefully get in the mail in the next week to 8 weeks all sorts of products, with varying degrees of usefully less to me, everything from cologne to children's chewable vitamins. I’ll report back on how it goes.

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