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Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Still time to jump on the rocketship

I've made posts like this before, but Bitcoin's price is a bit crazy right now.
If you bought may book a few weeks ago, you would have had gotten a 43% return on your bitcoin holdings! Wow! (This is using CoinDesk BPI as of the official launch date compared to today).There is still time to jump into the arena, check it out on Amazon or Payhip.

Litecoin has made some big upward price movements too. This is probably due to segwit being activated. Thus resolving any uncertainty and improving the usefulness of the coin. Perhaps we might see similar results if BTC did that as well. But it's not just BTC and LTC that are big winners, lots of coins are going up. Nyan is the only coin in my holdings that hasn't gone way up.

Who knows what the future will bring. Either way, it might be a good idea to acquire some of your own Bitcoin. Not buying it necessarily, read my book to learn more.

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