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Thursday, June 18, 2015


The price of Doge has gone to the moon! 
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At Least for me! Recently I bought more Doge with bitcoin at 50 satoshi a dogecoin. It’s now around 80! This didn’t happen overnight though; the price dropped all the way down to 38 satashi a one point. The moral is good things happen to those who wait. In fact, if I had more Bitcoin, the best course of action would be to buy even more Doge at the 38 Satoshi Price. Emotion might give me the opposite response. From an emotional standpoint I might be tempted to sell my Doge to get out of it.

Now I have said my Doge has made me money, but that is not entirely true as I have not realized the earnings from it. And to be honest, I’m not sure how. In theory I could use an exchange to turn my Doge into USD to spend. But that would require lots of ID and a lot of personal information that I do not want to give. Another option is to buy things directly with Dogecoin, but I am not sure what I want right now. A third option is that I can trade my Doge for bitcoin and trade that for what I want to buy.

I wanted to emphasis my key point here: Trading, and life frankly, can be risky. But even if things don't look good, don't give up. Sometimes it takes time for a market to turn around.  Sometimes it may look like you have made a terrible mistake. And perhaps you have! But, if you have patience, you will be rewarded. Best of luck!

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