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Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Triangles are my favorite shape

I would advise you to scroll to the bottom of this article and listen to some Alt-J as you read this.

I have found a new cryptocurrency to add to my collection! Generally when we think of coins, we think of circles. However, the best coins are not circles at all; rather, they are another shape: Triangles!

The Technical details of this new coin ( and by new, I mean new to me) are:

X13 PoS over TOR
- now with secure messaging -
coins in circulation: ~50.000 TRI
total coin cap: 120.000 TRI
confirmations: 4
annual PoS interest: 33%
minimum stake age: 1 hour
maximum stake age: 12 hours
maturity: 7 blocks
block target interval: 120 seconds
No ICO, no premine, no scam!

Well what does all this mean though?

Well, let me tell you. So I was sitting on my wallet, when suddenly a transaction appeared for .006 TRI. Immediately I wondered what is was, as I hadn't expected any money to come in. I looked a little closed on my wallet and was it was from “mining”. But this only left me more confused as I hadn't mined anything… or did I?

I inquired about this on Reddit and learned, that as you keep your wallet open, you get an “ annual PoS interest: 33%” which in other words means the balance in your TRI wallet increases by 33% a year if it is open. This seems like a relatively fair way to add new coins. Naturally things get lost. In a way, its almost like a stock dividend. There is new shares, or coins produced. But the percent ownership doesn't change.

The subreddit is small than other Cryptos, but is here if you are interested. They seem to have some interesting plans for the coin there, including getting on Cryptsy. So, lets Tessellate.

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