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Thursday, April 17, 2014


Well, it has been a while. However, it seems like the Bitcoin isn't up to much new lately, at least to me. MTGox is still in bankruptcy, and according today's issue of the NY times faces liquidation. Big investors like Warren Buffet warn against the bitcoin, and it faces new struggles in china. The price of bitcoins has been fluctuating like crazy, although I suppose it always has. I guess the only big change is that College humor has been making more videos about it. I think might be the fate of bitcoin, just a craze. We know the coin itself has no  intrinsic value. Its only value  is that which people give it. Thus, it is my prediction the value of bitcoins will again return to almost nothing at some point; it is only a matter of time. That's not to say we can't ride a wave of interest in the mean time! So enjoy CH:

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