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Friday, March 7, 2014

Get your own pathetic scrape of bitcoin dust.

There exist many lists on the internet that claim to have free bitcoin sites ( and being two of them). In my experience  however, many of these sites do not work. On the other hand, I have discovered two sites that do infact work and I have confirmed payments from.

Now, even though I saw these site do infact work, don’t get your hopes up too much.They pay in you μbtc which is one millionth, or 10−6   of a bitcoin. Furthermore, this is for 5 min of viewing a site. with a payout at 100 μbtc, which takes more than a day to get (as they run out of ads), by the time you reach that 100 μbtc, you will have more or less 7 cents. wow. So its not great. If you want some bitcoin dust to occupy your wallet, this is the way to do it though.

The first Site is:

Which I think Is the best. I have quite a few payments from there. It shows you your current balance on the page as you move to the next ad. It also remembers this balance if you close your browser or turn off your computer or whatever, so you will be there to hang around.

The second site, which seems to take a bit longer and often has more problems is:

This has a lower payout at 55 μbtc, so it is less money, but in my experience takes the same, if not more time. This website also has a referral option, which give you 30% of the money your referrals make. Which might increase your earnings potential a bit. You can help me try it here if you are so inclined:

(Note: Bitvisitor claims to have a referral program as well, but according to my internet sources and my own personal experience, it does not work.)
If you have any sites to add, feel free to comment. I will look at them and attempt to make them work. I have looked at quite a few sites already, so I may have information about these sites as well.

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