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Saturday, July 16, 2022

Voyager and Celsius News

Truth be told, I'm behind, I'm way behind. I am so behind on crypto events, while I downloaded both the Voyager and Celsius apps, I didn't deposit any crypto with them. Which seems like a good thing given recent events.  But here are some recent events concerning both companies if it interests you.  As will be no surprise, I have no plans at this time to visit either of these businesses in person, as I once attempted in the past when a crypto company failed

If you want to know what has been keeping me busy, I am writing still, just not crypto news. It actually is a fantasy novel. Join my email list and you may even get some advance chapters from the book!

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    Friday, January 21, 2022

    LTT on Norton Crpyto

     I found another great crypto related video on YouTube. As crypto becomes more and more mainstream, I find less need to share this kind of content myself, but I enjoyed it enough I thought I would still share it here.

    Sunday, November 1, 2020

    The Crypto Cruise Ship?

    I recently read an article about a cruise ship tethered in the ocean, when you can live and spend your bitcoin. That's right, the "MS Satoshi" is setting sail, or more like, staying put. After taking a vacation recently on a cruise ship, the offer sounds very interesting to me!

    According to the article, you can buy a cabin as a condo of sorts for $25,000 USD.  You will also have to buy a mean plan when you play to stay, as there are no cooking facilities in the rooms. Also, there will be a month "HOA" fee of sorts for the maintenance of the ship. 

    Per the Article, "The company says the 804-foot, 777-cabin, 12-deck ship will be anchored 30 minutes from Panama City  in the placid waters of the Gulf of Panama." It sounds like the perfect climate for a home, although, I'm not sure how you might get there.

    Also accounting to the article, "[The ship] promises three restaurants, a juice bar, two cafes, three bars, two pools, four whirlpools, a water park and more. Bitcoin will be accepted throughout the ship for all goods and services, alongside US dollars and other forms of payment."

    Sounds like a blast!

    Here is a link to the full article.


    Tuesday, May 26, 2020

    CRYPTO MINING | Get Rich or Die Buying #1

    A great video on Cryptomining. I get questions all the time about mining, people asking if it is a good way to make money. Well, there definitely had its moments and it might again some day. But for now, I don't think I will be doing any mining anytime soon.

    Friday, February 7, 2020

    Volatility and market manipulation in cryptocurrency

    This is a guest post, who would like to remain unnamed.

    "Currently, there is no uniform international approach to Bitcoin and its legality will depend on where in the world that you reside. However, as gain more experience and knowledge about Bitcoin, and the cryptocurrency industry in general, it is likely that at least a certain minimum level of regulation will come into place in the vast majority of countries."
    --Andrew Norri, Blockonomi

    In recent weeks Bitcoin’s price has been steadily climbing. It’s not the kind of rally as seen at the end of 2017--where investors were made millionaires practically overnight; but anyone with a sizable investment in the cryptocurrency has definitely been seeing some respectable gains. However, the market hasn’t seen such an enormous shift in price since; which--unbeknownst to newcomers--harkens to the overall unpredictable nature of cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin may appear to be a lucrative investment from afar, promising huge returns over a short period. But that doesn’t take into consideration the factors driving the market, and the unspoken language seemingly governing its market trends. No--not the source codes (or white papers) underpinning blockchain’s technology--but the actual prime movers of the market, constructing the illusion of its alluring appeal.

    A lack of general consensus on Bitcoin's regulation might be one of the challenges slowing down its mass-adoption, with cryptocurrency still being somewhat in its infancy. There is still plenty to learn about the industry and the implementation of blockchain. However, crypto isn't some rogue economy where there will be a rally every time someone sneezes (Or is it?). One could maintain that the vast majority of bull runs seen in Bitcoin's history were due to market manipulation. All the more reason to set a minimum level of regulation. So why is Bitcoin so volatile? Generally speaking, this dynamic is sometimes hinged on the confidence of investors; ie. Will geopolitical events and news headlines discourage investors, producing a widespread sell-off? Other factors to consider include the risks imposed by holders of larger proportions of the currency or the uncertainty of Bitcoins future and store of value.

    The news plays an influential role in guiding the market. It’s no secret that those seeking to manipulate investors would use this to their advantage. Rumors of regulation, exchanges being hacked, fakeouts after slow and meticulous nail-biting rollouts (Verge)--you name it. Crypto has seen it all, to the detriment of wide-eyed investors. The bankruptcy of crypto exchange Mt. Gox back in 2014 is one example of how the news can negatively affect the market. Inversely, great news is likely to spur interest as more investors would buy into Bitcoin resulting in the price to climb. Bitcoin’s low liquidity can also cause price fluctuations whenever holders of larger proportions (upwards 10 million) seek to liquidate their position (Nathan Reiff, investopedia). None of these factors account for the purely technical aspects of crypto that are influencing the market as it stabilizes and matures. 

    Monday, November 18, 2019

    The State of Facuets

    Recently, one of my favorite faucets, https://freedoge.co.in/ shut down.

    The site gives the following explanation:

    As of today, the Free Dogecoin Giveaway on FreeDoge.co.in is shutting down.
    We've always viewed this giveaway as a means of giving back to the community, however, we're compelled to discontinue the service due to large-scale account abuse on the part of some errant users. We know it's unfair to the rest who have been amazing members of this community, but unfortunately, we have to take this step. We do not have the resources to fight back against this abuse since most of our time is spent on managing FreeBitco.in.
    Also, we will eventually shut down the Multiply Doge section as well. Nevertheless, for now, paid and deposit plays won't be affected and will keep running as usual. Thank you for participating and making the Free Dogecoin Giveaway the success that it was, and we hope we can keep making this remarkable community bigger and better.
    P.S.: The bitcoin faucet on our sister site FreeBitco.in is still going strong, and we're giving away up to $200 in Free BTC every hour. We'll be adding an option which would allow you to link your FreeDoge.co.in to your FreeBitco.in account, redirecting referral traffic accordingly. You can head over to FreeBitco.in to sign up and enjoy these benefits.

    This is really a shame, as this was one of my favorite faucets. Additionally though, I think it makes me more nervous about the sister site, https://freebitco.in which I still use, and get some interest from.

    And while I also have newer faucets at BTCPOP and TradeSatoshi, the earnings just haven’t been as good as they have been back in the day. My early use of faucets when bitcoin was less than $1k really paid off. Sure, I was only getting pennies at the time, but once bitcoin exploded, it actually became worth something. I think faucets right now are kind of a waste of time, At the same time though, if bitcoin does really take off again, faucet activity might be worth it.

    If you do think bitcoin will explode again, check out the faucets I mentioned above. Or my faucets tab.

    Wednesday, October 16, 2019

    Blog status update

    A few months ago, I announced that BTC plus was going to have less content in the near future. I think this point was discounted due to the fact that a decent amount of content was in fact made for the blog in the following months. Well, the time has finally come that the content well has run dry. I don't have any new plans for the blog right now and I am all out of content. If you do have content you would like to have covered, comment below and I may still be able to help.

    Also, I still have the audio content that is somewhat recent. Why not give both a listen. If more people comment and engage, I may create more in the future.